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If you are not logged in, the user directory listing will not be available for you when completing the Program Director and CC fields.

You can still complete these fields by entering a username. Typically, this is the user's first initital of their first name and their last name - e.g., ccooper.

The Program Director field is required, so please type unknown in this field if you are unable to determine the appropriate username.

(e.g., Master of Business Administration)

Type 'unknown' if you do not know the program director's name.

(e.g., WMBA.6050; separate each course with a comma)

Impact to live section? Required

i.e. USW1.25765.201550 - if this applies to a live term you are teaching

Please limit text in summary field to under <b>100</b> characters.

Type of Maintenance Required

Is your issue category not reflected above? Please explain the nature of the issue.

CC users on the request. They will be granted access to see the request in the system.